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The key factor for our survival & growth is prompt, Tailor-made services with least hassles. The reason why you come to us is direct and easy access and individual attention. You do not Necessarily have a high income- But have adequate net worth – are honest and sincere.

Personal Secured & Unsecured Loan

The systematic and secured approach to satisfy financial needs of an individual with a fixed-rate, fixed-term that offers predictable monthly payments.

Working Capital Finance

A corporate engaged in manufacturing / service activities can smoothly progress if it has adequate working capital on hand. A customized working capital loan for SME unit having unique and speedy disposal is a strength of the company.

Investment Management

As apart of its activities, the company intends to operate in the primary as well as secondary markets on a short/long term basis. In the last Seven years, secondary market for equities has witnessed a tremendous growth. This volatility has made the Indian Investors more aware of the fact that investment decision should be research driven. The focus area of company for very near future are :

(i) Wealth Management

The path of reaching goals began with financial advisor, company is planning to hire capital market team which can provide helps to identify investment opportunity. Our Team will helps clients to make investment strategy and a systematic tailored products which not only make them secured from volatility but assured satisfactory returns.

(ii) Research

The success of investment management is based on timely and in-depth analysis of companies including understanding performance of industries, national and global economical conditions. The Company with an experienced people and necessary infrastructure, is in the process of developing a research data base to provide timely accurate report to their clients.. Considering the present scenario in the secondary market, investment climate growth in market capitalization and investors awareness, the company is adequately poised to offer Investment Consultancy services to its clients.

Non-Fund Based Financial Activities

The Company has already a professional team to offer project management consultancy services. It intends to offer its services in the areas of preparation of project reports and loan syndication.

Project appraisal Project appraisal is a generic term that refers to the process of assessing, in a structured way, the case for proceeding with a project or proposal. The other areas covered include (a)Economic Feasibility (b)Technical Feasibility (c) Marketing Feasibility (d)Financial Feasibility (e)Environmental Feasibility

Loan Syndication : The process of involving several different lenders provide fund to a single large borrower. The Loan Syndication team provides corporations with innovative and customized solutions for their financial needs, which are backed by knowledgeable professionals who come from various streams from MBA to Engineers to experienced Bankers

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