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In the electronics business, the PC market, which is the main field of the PKG business, was supported by special demand generated by the replacement of PCs. In addition, demand for items for servers to be used at data centers was also stable. In the MLB business, while sales for module substrates were firm, sales of our products for high-end smartphones declined. The results of the electronics business as a whole were increases both in sales and income from the previous consolidated fiscal year.
Meanwhile, the DPF and AFP markets, which constitute the main force in the ceramics business, were affected by a decline in the proportion of diesel passenger vehicles mainly in the EU market, and also by the rapid slowdown in the automobile market at the end of the fiscal year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, the ceramics business as a whole suffered decreases both in sales and income from the previous consolidated fiscal year.
In the construction and other business categories, although there was a decline in net sales for completed large-scale construction projects in the construction field, we made sure to capture demand related to the Olympic Games. On the whole, we marked increases in both sales and income.

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We expect that the electronics business will enjoy good growth in the data center market due to further progress in 5G and ICT, and growth in demand of even higher-performance and finer electronic components, for example, for in-vehicle image analysis. By making a large investment in the cutting-edge IC package substrates and launching mass-production, we will expand our market share in the most advanced field, where we have always had an edge. At the same time, we will continue our strategy of selection and concentration of production systems and production items in order to respond to changes in the market.
In the ceramics business, it is expected that the DPF business, which is our key field, will experience sluggish growth in the automotive market as a global trend, plus a continued decline in the proportion of diesel passenger cars, mainly in the EU. We will reorganize the business so that it can generate profits on a stable basis by securely capturing orders for items for large vehicles in emerging countries where demand is expected to grow due to the tightening of emission regulations in the future, and also by enhancing our productivity and cost competitiveness on a global scale. In the AFP business, we have decided to build a new plant in Jiangsu Province, China, in order to ensure market share in the Chinese automobile market, which is expected to grow further. By making capital investments aggressively in markets and fields where demand is expected to continue expanding, we will put the entire ceramic business on a stable growth track.
In the construction and other business fields, we will ensure that they serve as stable profit sources for our corporate group by realizing business expansion through products featuring each domestic group company's unique competitive edge and promoting the power generation business.

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Since FY2017, we have been developing new products under the lead of the development centers. This fiscal year, however, we have organized new in-house projects (for biomaterial products and EV products) in order to respond quickly to changes in the market environment and realize early launches. In addition, we are actively promoting diversity management and ESG management to respect diverse values.

The surrounding business environment is still unclear, but all executives and employees will continue to work together toward realizing our mid-term management plan.
We would like to ask for the continued support of our shareholders for the online fake poker Group.

President & CEO
Takeshi Aoki